Delivery drones are getting bigger — much bigger

Next-gen aviation startup MightyFly says it’s the first company developing a large, autonomous electric vehicle takeoff and landing (eVTOL) cargo drone that’s been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for a flight corridor, Axios is first to report.

Draper Invests In Cargo eVTOL Startup MightyFly

MightyFLy is developing the MF100 hybrid electric-vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Draper Associates is an early-stage venture capital company led by investor Tim Draper that has funded companies including SpaceX and Tesla. 

Michigan Mobility Funding Demonstration of Drone Package Delivery

The Michigan Mobility Funding Platform (MMFP) has awarded MightyFly in San Francisco a $150,000 grant to demonstrate autonomous, fixed-wing electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft cargo deliveries of 100 pounds of cargo in the state of Michigan. This is expected to be the first public demonstration of its kind.

MightyFly unveils next-generation eVTOL design

Just 21 months after receiving $5.1 million in seed funding and with only nine months from concept to first flight, MightyFly is ready to unveil the next-generation of its aircraft, the MightyFly Cento. 


San Francisco Bay Area startup MightyFly said it has completed its first series of flight tests with its MF-100 autonomous hybrid eVTOL aircraft for cargo delivery. The company said the tests successfully demonstrate its aircraft’s vertical take-off and landing capabilities.

MightyFly closes $5.1 million seed funding round to scale up hiring and production of its MF-100 eVTOL aircraft

Autonomous air cargo startup MightyFly has closed $5.1 million in seed funding, which will be used to scale up the company’s MF-100 eVTOL aircraft and build the infrastructure needed …