Remaking the Future of Logistics

Autonomous aerial solutions for expedited delivery

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End-to-end Autonomous Delivery

Vertical Take-off and Landing

Up to 500 Pound Cargo Capacity

600 Mile Range

150 MPH Max Speed

Carbon Neutral

We Save
You Time

MightyFly makes same-day delivery accessible to any business—large or small, urban or rural. Our aircraft fly three times the highway speed of the average delivery van, direct from your distribution center to your customer.

We Save
You Money

Middle-mile, mid-range deliveries can be cost-prohibitive using a traditional truck and driver. We reduce inventory carrying costs by making small and medium cargo deliveries cost-effective for any size business. 

We’re Committed to the Planet

The MightyFly hybrid-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft optimizes cargo capacity and the power of flight to make each delivery carbon neutral. That’s better for the planet—and better for your business.

Faster, Cost-effective
& Better for the Environment

Demand has never been higher for efficient, expedited, environmentally conscious delivery solutions. MightyFly is remaking the supply chain with an autonomous hybrid-electric aircraft with a range and payload unprecedented in the industry today. 

We’re building a worldwide logistics infrastructure to enable end-to-end autonomous delivery of goods, perishables, and life-saving medical supplies. And we’re changing how business is done.

Do You Want to Change the World?

MightyFly is leading the logistics revolution. After more than a decade of R&D, we’re ready to take off. We are designing our aircraft to meet or exceed rigorous FAA aviation standards. 

Now we’re seeking passionate, like-minded individuals to help us expand and operationalize our fleet.

Highlighted News

Delivery drones are getting bigger — much bigger

Next-gen aviation startup MightyFly says it's the first company developing a large, autonomous electric vehicle takeoff and landing (eVTOL) cargo drone that's been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for a flight corridor, Axios is first to report.

Michigan Mobility Funding Demonstration of Drone Package Delivery

The Michigan Mobility Funding Platform (MMFP) has awarded MightyFly in San Francisco a $150,000 grant to demonstrate autonomous, fixed-wing eVTOL aircraft cargo deliveries of 100 pounds of cargo in the state of Michigan. This is expected to be the first public demonstration of its kind.